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Password Help

When you sign in to e-Auth you must use your full government email address. For example, if you work at the FAA you would enter

Determine your correct password like this:

FAA Employees

Use your eCenter (Webmail) password. This is the password you use to sign into the web version of Lotus Notes. Call your local help desk if you need to get this password.

All Other DOT Employees

Use your network login password. This is the password you use when you log into your computer. Call 202-385-HELP if you have a problem with your password.

Welcome to the Department of Transportation e-Authentication (‘e-Auth’) logon system. The DOT e-Auth logon will authenticate you for all participating e-Auth applications that you have been authorized to use. By clicking the “Agree and Sign In” button, you accept the Government warning and agree to the “Terms of Use” for these participating DOT e-Auth applications.

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For security purposes, access to the MyFAA Employee Website is limited to FAA employees and contractors. If you are not on the FAA network, sign in to access the website.

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